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I wrote this super big, super awesome post and then I deleted it… on purpose.

I was planning this huge message that talked about all my reason for everything going on and yet I find myself not wanting to say the things that I was saying…

Instead I will simply say this.

I decide every year to give something up for at least 6 months, but aiming for a year.

This year, i am giving up Facebook.

i have noticed that I miss human connection and so I will be stepping away from the false sense of friendships and get to know people again.

A friend mentioned to me that when she was struggling, no one asked her about it. this made me realize that this is why i feel so lonely lately… because of relationships with people. I realized that Facebook and it’s “social” networking, has actively disconnected me from people. I realized that I don’t call people to say hi, or pop by for tea. I no longer ask what’s up for people as I can see what is up on facebook posts… this has limited my real connections with people.

and so, tonight, I am disabling my face book and starting out 2015 with REAL INTERACTING instead.

Here’s to a fantastic New Year.