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This morning I got in an argument with a good friend.  Now first, let me tell you a bit about my friend, so you dont’ get the wrong impression.  She is the sunshiny-est person I know, she is a lot of hippy love and niavete and sweetness all rolled up…. I’m not gunna lie… sometimes… she gets on my nerves… as, I’m sure, sometimes I get on hers… but this post is not about my Pollyanna neighbor…

By now I am sure you are wondering what this crazy argument was about right?  Well, we were discussing the new Bollywood Awards that our esteemed government is going to contribute TEN MILLION DOLLARS toward…. Now… at the risk of annoying an pissing off the world… THIS makes me mad!  I am a tax payer and I don’t care about the Bollywood Awards… Not one damn bit!

Now, before you get all up in arms, i am NOT racist…. by definition, a racist is;



1) a person who believes in racism, the doctrine that a certain human race is sperior to any and all others.

I am DEFINITELY not a racist.  I am not going to deny that I don’t particularly care about other people’s cultures… no… I do care… I believe that everyone has their own definition of culture, a culture that they may identify with, or not.. and we all have that right…. I don’t agree with ANY culture that puts men above women, and I dont’ care what color your skin is… if, in YOUR culture, you are taught and you believe that we are NOT all equal, then I don’t like your culture…. and I have NO problem saying as much.  Your culture may be something that you feel defines you and if that is the case, I am TERRIBLY sorry for being rude…. you may want to stop reading now.
That said… if I still have your attention… this post is NOT about different cultures, or about the Bollywood Awards… I know… you are likely wondering what it IS about… and with patience, we MAY get that out right now…..
During my Pollyanna morning conversation, the term REVERSE RACISM was used by Pollyanna…. let that sit in your head for a minute… REVERSE… RACISM…..
Dictionary definition of REVERSE is….

re·verse  (r-vûrs)


Turned backward in position, direction, or order.

b. Having the back showing or in view of the observer.

2. Moving, acting, or organized in a manner contrary to the usual.
3. Causing backward movement: a reverse gear.
there is simply NO SUCH THING as reverse racism.  RACISM IS RACISM IS RACISM IS RACISM…. I find it disconcerting that we live in a world that is so stuck on ONLY white people being racist that we have created a whole new expression for when “non-whites” are racist!!!!
I cannot POSSIBLY be the only person who is annoyed and disgusted by this racist comment… the racist definition of reverse racism which is racism by any race OTHER THAN white who are racist.  Let me be clear… no matter what color you are, if you don’t like another person because of their race…. the color of their skin…. the country they are from (or more likely the country you ASSUME they are from)… you… are… RACIST.  there is no special category for racists who hate white people… just like when white people dont’ like South Asians, they are RACIST, when white people don’t like black people, they are simply RACIST, if they don’t like Chinese people… RACIST…. and so on and so forth.  Racism doesnt’ descriminate;  there is no special category for if i hate chinese people… it’s not “yellow racism” if I don’t like brown peole it’s not “desert racism” it’s just plain, ol’ ordinary RACISM…
I think what bothers me the most about this expression is that so many people use it… the fact that it has been accepted that ONLY white people can be bonafide racists so therefor it is REVERSE racism if you aren’t white.  What the hell makes people think that only white people can be racist?  Stereotypical African Americans can be RACIST if they hate white people. NON-stereotypical African Americans can be racist if they hate First Nations people.  First Nations people can be racist… if they hate white people…  if they hate South Asians… RACIST… Chinese people who only cater to Chinese people RACIST… South Asians who serve South Asians first even if non-South Asians are there first… RACIST….
Let’s “call a spade a spade” people… it is racism… and not just white people fit the label racist…. Some of the most racist people I have met are people of color… and one of the reasons I believe, is because it has been drilled into the head of the white race that if they dont’ like someone who is colored it is assumed it is BECAUSE THEY ARE RACIST… meanwhile, it could be simply because they are an asshole… I hear people of color get all up in arms about the racist white guy, or comment about how the white man took their job, etc, etc… and yet…. when people of color do complain, how often are THEY being the racist ones?  
something I say often is “What am I black?” and honestly, people don’t know how to take that or what is the best, most appropriate answer to that question… because… if they ANSWER truthfully… they think that they are going to be called a racist… well you know what?!?!  I AM BLACK… and it is OK by me that you noticed… it’s ok for you to say “you are black” it is ok for you to ask me silly/stupid/assinine questions about whether it is possible for me to get a sunburn (yup) or freckles (got some) or if black people all have rhythm (unfortunately… no)… Not all black men have big penis’ and I will tell you that… because it ISN’T about being racist… it’s about being real…. because I like to make you stop for a minute and think…
so… let’s give the white people a break shall we?  they carry enough around on their shoulders.. and they too can experience racism… it isn’t some special brand of racism just because they are white… and you know what?  it hurts white people just as much as it hurts us….