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Hi there!!!

I don’t live in New West…
I am not 20 lbs away from my idea weight
I have never lived in the Commercial drive area…
I like to think I am good people… I have been told I’m pretty awesome… mind you… the informants could by lying!
I dont’ drink… (ALMOST never) I do smoke 420 but not CHRONIC… I quit smoking 5 months ago and I dont’ crave it at all, don’t notice it most of the time and try not to be one of those “asshole ex smokers”.
I put my pants on one leg at a time, unless I am feeling adventurist then I lay back on the bed and try to do both at once, fail miserably, try to stand up, fall over, drop the pants, step into them, realize that isn’t going to work and then go back to one leg at a time.
I have 2 teenagers.. they sometimes ROCK and other times SUCK and neither live with me full time.  I have the awsomest (yup, a real word, I made it up) dog in the world and two evil cats.
Everyone I know is falling in love, I’m not…. so, i like to hang out with friends, have midweek dinner parties at my house and learn new things.
I own a car though don’t really drive outside of surrey (oh… yea… I live in surrey) as Gas is expensive and I can do more when on the train… plus… parking in surrey is WAY cheaper.
I blog, and do comedy and really believe that everyone has the potential to be a friend…

Nice to meet you!  Hope you enjoy your stay.

Wanda Peppermint-shortbread

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