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Get your attention? THAT is what your posts say when you complain that drug addicts are “funded” by the government for Narcan. THAT is what you are complaining about when you say that it’s not fair that “junkies” get free drugs and pot isn’t legal… THAT is what you are saying when you compare NARCAN to the epi-pen or diabetes test strips…. and THAT is why I have a problem with your posts. THAT is why I am disgusted when people compare the two. NARCAN is used to save people’s lives. It’s NOT used for drug addicts to get high. It’s not HANDED OUT to them and it’s NOT free. Drug addiction is a disease. Yes, said disease started with a bad decision on the person’s part, however, that doesn’t mean that drug addicts are sub human. If you pick up a cigarette at age 12, become addicted and get cancer, should cancer medication and treatment be withheld because you made the choice to smoke when you were 12, that one time? If you are overweight and develop diabetes, should the insulin be withheld from you because you’re fat? If you get in a car and get in an accident and need to be on medication for pain, should it be withheld because you got in the car? I am not PROJECTING my sensitivities, I am NOT saying that persons with diseases should be paying exorbitant amounts of money for their medication. I am saying that your posts complaining that drug addicts are being given drugs for free when other people with diseases pay for their medication, you are implying that said drug addicts are being handed cocaine and crystal meth and crack and herione and fentonyl by the government and there are people with “legitimate” diseases who are more deserving of having their lives saved. the drugs that are supplied to the first responders is called NARCAN and it’s used to prevent IMMINENT DEATH in the emergency of a drug overdose. Narcan is being used to prevent you walking down the street and seeing dead people everywhere…

My son is a dug addict, and every single day, I worry that today is the day that I will receive a call telling me that he is dead. My little boy, so tiny when I first held him is on the streets in this weather, with drugs running through his system till he doesn’t know what day it is, he doesn’t know where he is, he doesn’t know who he is. If you think there is something WRONG with me being offended by you perpetuating the stereo type that drug addicts are somehow less deserving than other people, than by all means, keep me out of your life because I don’t want someone in my life to tell me that I’m wrong to be offended by this when this is a very real fear I live with every day. Drug addiction is NOT a choice. Overdosing is NOT a choice, and saving a drug addict’s life when they are overdosing is the HUMANE thing to do. Maybe if it were YOUR child you would feel differently, but then again, maybe you wouldn’t and that’s your prerogative, however I’m tired of people telling me I am WRONG to be offended by these things.

Until you see your child staggering in the streets while people throw things at the junkie, until you have someone tell you all the junkies on the downtown east side and in Whalley should be lined up and shot, until you have someone tell you that they want to rip your child’s head off and puke down his throat, you have NO RIGHT to tell me I’m wrong for having an issue with these posts. If you don’t like that I will speak up against this, then block me from seeing your ignorance. I’m tired of excusing ignorance and living silently in my fear. in 2017, I want to see my son beat this addiction with LIFE, not death and if that means that he is given Narcan and I have to pay extra for my medication, then I willingly pay extra for my God Damn medication because he is my little boy and I love him. Rant over.